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Food (vegetables, fruits, fast-food, drinks...) and little bit of kitchenware themes pixel art style icons set. Various resolution, around 24x24px. Various views, top-down, flat and other views =)

Created by VectorPixelStar. License:  CC BY-SA 4.0  https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.en  Thank You for support!

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Tags2D, art, drinks, Food, Icons, pixel, Pixel Art, sheet, Sprites, Vector


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thank you.

We want to use these beautiful pixel arts in our game if possible. Can we? Thanks!

yes you can.


Hi there! :)
I came across your page recently and i loved your work.

I am currently working in a university project and i would like so much to use some of these in my animated video. Sincerely I am asking for your permission!

You have my permission. Good luck.

Hello, very good asset, I liked it.Can i use this asset for my clicker game?


Hello VectorPixelStar,

Your asset packs are absolutely amazing! I am teaching children programming and would like to use your assets as help in explaining things, is that okay? Also, if you could create one large megapack of everything I would buy it straight away!

Thank you!

Thank you! Just use it, is ok. 

Hi VectorPixelStar,

many thanks for the beautiful sprites. We used it in a psychological study on the cognitive processing of food stimuli in a gamified experiment. We are currently preparing the manuscript and we were wondering if it would be okay if we add an image of the used stimuli (eight of your icons) in it. We will of course credit you and have the link to this page in the manuscript. The paper itself will be open access. Could you let me know if you would be fine with this? Thank you.

Of course you can. you welcome and thank you!

great, thank you so much

Can I use this for my arcade game t-shirt designs? I sell my T-shirts btw.

Game - Yes. T-shirt - No.

Hi, Does this come with an open source license?



Cool. I'm looking use these assets in the Open Jam 2019 depending on the Theme. Would you please able to add you Open Source License they are under into the description or in the download?

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Hi VectorPixelStar,

The art look great, may I use it in my game? (Not sure if commercial or not, but it free download and I plan to place few ads if I can get some players later)


Sorry. Did`t saw your message. Yes you can.

Thank you so much!

Hi VectorPixelStar

I like your icons
Do you make pixel icons for games? 
I need 36 pixel icons from 8x8 to 32x32 for mini game from any category (game example: logic.cool/demos/mathpixelpuzzle/index.html) for example:  cars, weather, buildings, kitchen and other, can you make it or setup from your icons?

I am ready to buy for $1 for each icon

Denys (skype: denis.sokoloff)


Hi, Bahus! Thank you.  Awesome game, actually. Realy great idea!  Sorry, but i have no time now.

These are really nice! Thank you!


if you need pixel art.