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I really like these backgrounds! I used one in one of my games! Cowboys in Space by mattman107 (

cool. I am glad! 

Hola, donde creastes tu juego? Se ve genial, ya lo tengo instalado

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Hola, creo que este mensaje era para mi, el juego lo hice en Unity como parte de mi aprendizaje con este entorno. Muchas gracias por tu comentario, espero que lo disfrutes. Pronto espero publicar un plataformero sencillo que estoy haciendo para PC.

Cualquier critica u observación es bienvenida.

PD: Fijate que el comentario lo publicaste en la publicación del artista que hizo el fondo para mi juego.

I used your asset in the background of my demo here!

Great! I am glad.

Thanks for sharing this, it's great.
I used it in my free game, i gave credit in-game.

Very Cool! 

Hi there! These space backgrounds looks great!

May I kindly ask what conditions and / or license is applied to this asset bundle?

Many thanks!


do where you want, and thank for support! 

Thank you so much for your prompt response! :)

Awesome!) Big thank 4 you work!!!

can we use your pack in commercial project ?



Looks sick!


thank you very much!




Very great!


This is great! I was just thinking that I needed something like this for my space Twine game!